SMBiT Professionals: Saying Yes to More Business

One winter’s afternoon, in the middle of Melbourne's endless Covid lockdowns, I heard from Maria Armstrong. She needed copy.

As she put it: “The issue is that we have a diverse market, from heavily technical who will want to see the jargon, through to completely non-technical business owners who don't get the jargon at all.”

Not my first time finding words for nerds and noobs alike. But with this project, there was so much to juggle.

Introducing SMBiT Professionals

SMBiT Professionals is Australia’s industry association for IT professionals who serve small and medium business. Members must earn most of their revenue from businesses with under 1000 workers.

This website has to speak to three key audiences: members, sponsors and customers.

The Members Make the Organisation

Members range in size from sole traders to 100+ staff. They include managed service providers, break/fix IT support, and specialists in all sorts of technologies.

Members can come to events about business and technology topics. In between events, members network and ask questions on a private forum.

Many of the smaller operators know much more about computers than to business. SMBiT Professionals is a place to learn and to ask questions. Larger businesses have driven referrals and even completed mergers here.

It’s a place to network, converse, exchange advice. Members share expertise and grow reputations.

Sponsors Contribute Money and Know-How

Software and hardware vendors have an awful time promoting themselves to small and medium businesses. They’re not interested and they’re not listening. Far better to speak to the IT pros who work with them.

And it just so happens that SMBiT Professionals gathers a whole bunch of them in one place.

Sponsors contribute to the organisation’s budget, and then get to take part in the events and private forum.

It’s a great place to be visible, and to hear from serving troops what's happening in the trenches.

Everyone is Here to Serve Customers

SMBiT Pro members work for independent retailers, construction companies, medical practices, and pretty much any business with under 1000 workers.

They often know little about computers. This can put them at the mercy of cowboys and dodgy dealers. Most IT professionals are decent people, but absolutely anyone can call themselves an IT guy.

SMBiT Professionals holds members to a code of conduct, and is a place where they network and help each other. That’s great for customers because someone who invests in their reputation is much less likely to burn anyone because they have so much more to lose.

That’s a Lot of Different Things to Say to Each Audience

How do we sum it all up, clearly, in just a few syllables?

What we came up with was “say yes to more business”. Isn’t that what it’s all about for everyone?

A place for professionals to grow their networks and know-how. A place for hardware and software vendors to get in front of deal-makers and decision-takers. A place where customers can sail straight past the fly-by-nighters with no reputational skin in the game.

See How We Fleshed That Out on These Pages of Copywriting:

How Did This Work Out?

As Maria put it:

“We’re super excited about it. It’s made a big difference to our promotions.”

Are you also involved in business technology? Would you also like to make a big difference to your promotions?

If you need words that speak well to techies without losing everyone else, we should talk.

Please send me a message using the contact form.

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