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Great copywriting is more than saying things well.

It's knowing what to say.

Too many websites just rehash the client's existing sales pitch.

There's no deeper thought about who they're speaking to or what matters to them.

It's a pity.

I mean, sure, sometimes a stronger way to say the same thing is exactly what you need. But this should never be where the work starts.

Copywriting should start with a study of the audience, their desire and frustrations, the benefits they seek, the pain they want to avoid, and the language they use to describe it.

This is where you find the words to persuade and sell.

Let me level with you

I Specialise in Website Copywriting

I don't do print. I'm a web geek.

Selling from a website has quirks all its own - things like search result snippets that get noticed, or how to write for different traffic sources.

I know this stuff backwards. I've been neck deep in it since 2007.



Words of Web Content

It's like this: between all the website developments, content marketing and SEO campaigns I've worked on - as a freelancer, agency copywriter, and running my own businesses - I've written over a million words of web content.

That's not to confuse quantity with quality. I'm just letting you know I've done this before.

Tone and register

The Right Voice for Your Brand

You don't sell financial planning like pizzas.

Often, you want amusing, lively, fun language. Other times, this is wildly inappropriate.

I make a point of varying the tone and register to best fit the client and audience.

Because this is not about me, it's about you and your customers.

And get this

Tech Topics? I Totally Get Them

I've been a science tragic since forever. I took maths at uni, and before I went full time with internet marketing, I was a computer programmer.

Whether you're selling software, devices, or a service, I can understand your technology offering far faster than the average scribe.

Crucially, I can also explain in plain English how your work benefits your customers.

Click here for more about my IT copywriting.

Now's your chance

Stand Out and Sell

Great copy is striking enough to notice.

It's sharp enough to take seriously.

It's never a chore to read.

Your customers will feel the difference.

Here's What I Can Do:

Words That Sell

Writing and Editing Website Copy

Do you need strong, persuasive text in clear and plain language that won't punish your readers?

Please get in touch.

Whether you need product descriptions, about pages, home page content, or the whole damn website.. whether you need it written from scratch or just want a bit of spit and polish, I can help.

Your best foot forward

Sales Letters and Landing Pages

Whether you're buying Adwords clicks, investing in an SEO campaign, sending email newsletters, engaging in social media, buying ads in the newspaper, or just doing the hard yards of running a business good enough to generate word-of-mouth referrals..'re paying for website traffic.

In time, money, or both.

What kind of return will you get from that?

That all depends on what your readers find.

Will anyone care about what you've got to say? The right sales copy is crucial.

Search traffic

SEO Copywriting

Need your website to rank on the search engines?

That's about more than using the right keywords in the right places.

It's about nailing the right user experience metrics and writing thinks that good websites will link to.

Let's set this up for success.

Credibility counts

Blogging and Feature Content

Need substantial and engaging blog posts or editorial content?

Done well, these can bring in traffic, incoming links, and establish rapport and authority with your audience.

Click here for more on my blogging and feature content services

Search traffic

Case Studies

Well written case studies are some of the best content you can add to your website.

They are the perfect way to show what your products or services can do, and the ways this can benefit your customers.

By showcasing the real benefits you've brought to real people, you add weight and credibility to your sales pitch.

95 AUD

per hour

Be Seen, Be Noticed
and Sell

  • The Right Voice for Your Project

  • Communicate Benefits

  • Command Attention

  • Specialist Website Copywriting

  • You're Damn Right I've Done This Before

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