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Ever Check Your Web Analytics and See Tumbleweeds?

We were all there once. It's frustrating - because websites are a lot of work.

Whether you've done the DIY hard yards or you've footed the bill, you've put a lot into it. Too much to get nothing back.

But without the right eyeballs on it? Then it's as much good as if you'd drawn it on a dirty napkin in orange crayon.

But let's look at it another way: why should anyone visit? Have you got anything your customers are ravenously hungry for?

Content marketing is about having more to say than just “Hey! Buy my stuff!”

Let's face it. On the internet, you can't really bully, pressure or trap anyone into paying attention.

Knock on doors or dial phone numbers and at least a few will listen out of politeness. Put a sign up at the cricket and the fans have no choice but to see it.

But websites? There's the entire rest of the internet they could be looking at.

So what's the answer?

Give 'em stuff they want. Stuff they can use. Stuff that makes their day better.

Create feature content so incredibly useful and entertaining - stuff your customers won't find anywhere else - stuff that makes their day better.

Make your website so tempting to your ideal customers.. that it's like waving bacon cheeseburgers to men persuaded by their wives to try juice cleansing.

Now you're swimming with the tide.

Is anyone listening?

Web Content that Connects

In a better world, brilliant work would be recognised the moment it's unveiled.

Now to reality: many of the all-time greats - Vincent van Gogh to Robert Johnson - died before their fame. Who could say how many such talents weren't discovered at all?

There's more than a few Vincent van Goghs of blogging. Every post is a masterpiece, dripping with expertise, distilled to vivid and lucid paragraphs with no word wasted.

But the audience? Nowhere.

What's gone wrong?

It's the Promotion Strategy

They're following a simple two-step system:

  1. Publish great work
  2. Try to get it noticed

This is kinda like a pasta sauce that starts by frying parsley with cheese, and ends by sprinkling raw onion and olive oil. It's a backwards recipe.

A key difference between great content and great content marketing is the promotion is planned long before you write anything.

It's purpose built to appeal not just to customers - as crucial as that is - but to the gatekeepers and middlemen who can give you the links and shares you need to reach those customers.

Because starving artists can produce brilliant work in obscurity.

But in business, you measure the work by the results. Anything you publish is only as good as the audience it reaches.


Build Stuff That Lasts

A typical blog post is shared for a quick sugar high of traffic. Then it's gone from view.

But the right feature content, properly promoted, can be so amazingly useful to your audience that the shares, links and laser-targeted traffic never stop.

It's your secret weapon to cut through the noise of a crowded web - to always be seen by your ideal prospects - to be the guy they turn to.

It's customer connection on autopilot.

Now ask yourself

What's Better, 10 New Visitors or 10,000?

Silly question, right? Obviously, more is more.

But let's try a similar question.

What's better, 10,000 visitors just dicking around on the internet, or 10 dream customers itching to throw thousands of dollars at you?

It's quality traffic that moves the needle.

This isn't just an idle talking point. I've lived it.

One of my earliest ventures to actually make some money was a guitar website. I was by no means ultra wealthy, but I was making enough to quit my day job without panicking about food or rent.

My big plan was to rank for some highly trafficked search terms. And, with a lot of hard work, I managed to land them. My traffic tripled, but my income hardly budged.

When I look back on this, ten years older, worn and wiser, I can laugh a bit at what was once so frustrating. Because it's now so obvious what went wrong.

None of this new traffic was the least bit interested in clicking on an ad and buying something so I could earn commission.

It's About Buyers

This is where succesful content marketing really comes into its own.

It doesn't just engage an audience. It engages the right audience.

Suddenly, this stuff doesn't feel like archery with your eyes shut anymore. You're now a Navy SEAL sniper.

Reeling 'em in

Be Easy to Buy From

Useful and engaging feature content doesn't just win you traffic.

It builds trust and credibility.

It positions you as the expert.

Now you're the obvious place to turn.

So you want some customer magnets?

Here's How I Can Hook You Up:

Let's get started

Content Strategy

What should you put on your website?

How do you get the right people to see it?

Where else on the web should you be part of the conversation?

How will you get anyone to listen?

These questions cut to the heart of how to produce feature content that wins attention and cash.

Content production

Blogging and Feature Content

Too busy to update your blog?

Stuck for what to say? Or how to say it?

Then get me to do it.

I've written engaging and useful content for as diverse as solar power to outdoor entertaining to financial planning

Come to me for feature content that performs.

A bit of spit and polish

Content Upgrade

How does it make you feel when you go back over your blog and article content? Is there a 'wow' factor? A sense of awe?

Or does it leave you feeling slightly worried what customers might think to see it?

Do you ever feel like you're just publishing into a vacuum and getting nothing back?

You could always throw it all in the bin and start again. But maybe there's something worthwhile in there that just needs to be said better.

Let's get things up to scratch

Become an Authority

Thought Leadership

Just because you're great at your work, doesn't always mean you're great at sharing your ideas.

That's especially true when your audience doesn't share your level of expertise.

I'll work with you to really get to grips with what you want to convey.

Then when I write, I'll preserve your voice. You'll still sound like you, just clearer and stronger.

The away game

Guest Posting

Most of us have figured out by now that guest posting on high quality, highly trafficked websites is one of the best things you can do for your brand.

It's real exposure and credibility with a whole new audience. And the traffic can convert like crazy.

But if writing is not your main deal, it can also be an enormous time suck.

Here's where I can help.

I can take your raw material - your ideas and your message - and polish them into something that credible publications would consider.

And I can find you your best opportunities too.

So that you can don't need to sit there slaving over every paragraph.

A watchful eye

Feedback and Oversight

Happy to publish and create your own content - just wish you got more back from it?

Get me to take a look over what you're doing and how you're doing it, then show you how to improve.

And I can point you in the direction of the opportunities you've missed.

If you've got the capacity to create the content in-house - whether that's you or your staff - this really is the best of all worlds.

Here's your chance to produce professional work that gets results - and to bring the knowledge and skills into your business.

And it doesn't need to cost you that much.

95 AUD

per hour

Feature content that
connects you to buyers

  • Design to Promote

  • Built to Last

  • Laser Targeted

  • Credibility Building

  • Wins Rapport and Trust

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Add Customer Magnets to Your Website

Who else wants useful and engaging everlasting feature content that you can promote to new audiences over and over again?

That keeps bringing in buyers while you get on with the rest of your business?

That wins the high quality links and user engagement signals that make search engines and customers fall head over heels in love with you?

I'm so sure of my methods that I rely on them myself.

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