Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build me a website?

I've built plenty of websites - I coded the one you're looking at in a text editor.

I gotta say though, I am a bit wary about accepting web development projects. Too often, what seems to happen is that clients take ages making decisions, or changing their minds, and the whole project just stalls.

That said, if you feel like you've got something that might really interest me, you're welcome to message me about it.

Why should I pay you $700 a month or more for SEO when I have guys ringing me up all the time offering to do it for $200/$100/$50/a ham sandwich?

Fees for internet marketing services vary from the very cheap to the very expensive. My fees are somewhere in the middle, and definitely on the lower end of what it costs to get individual attention from a consultant with so many years of experience.

If your idea of value for money is the cheapest price possible, with no regard to what you actually get, then just jump over to where you can buy some “SEO” for about six dollars or so, depending on how well the Aussie Dollar is doing. You won't get any results out of this, but hey, it's cheap!

Not everyone is going to be able to afford what I do. I'm okay with this. There are only a limited number of clients I can handle at any given time, and it's never been a burning ambition of mine to be the least expensive service provider around.

If you're really considering signing up with some monkey who's cold called you, at least have a think about how much of your low monthly fee is going to go towards paying the sales team to annoy strangers all day, and how little will be left over from that to resource the so-called SEO campaign.

I can't afford your rates. Can you still help me?

I can put together a Feedback and Oversight package for those who can't afford to contract me to run a whole campaign for them. This package means you get my watchful eye over what you're doing, and periodic access to my expertise and recommendations while you run the campaign yourself.

You can also check out my articles section and the links I recommend on my Resources page.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. I don't need to lock anyone into minimum periods because I'm not selling rubbish.

Call me on +61 421 551 080 or email me using the contact form.

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