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Be Seen by Buyers

Who else remembers taking their pocket money to the video store to hire Return of the Jedi on VHS?

Back then, when mum wanted to buy something, she'd open the Yellow Pages or buy a newspaper for the classifieds.

These days, she goes straight to search.

And so do you, me, everyone else.

Isn't that the ideal place to be seen?

It's the real deal

White Hat SEO

I provide what's known as “white hat” SEO.

This is just industry jargon for SEO that works within the search engine terms of service. It's about promoting engaging content to a real human audience.

The other kind of SEO is “black hat” SEO. This is about loopholes and schemes to trick the search engines.

It's not that I have some huge ideological objection to black hat tactics.

It's just that, over the years, it's been the white hat strategies that have had lasting success in the face of constant improvements to the search algorithms.

The write stuff

SEO Copywriting and Linkable Assets

It used to be that SEO copywriting was just regular copywriting but you used keywords in places.

Then latent semantic indexing hit, and user engagement metrics became more important. Now writing to rank is a more sophisticated task.

And with, at least some of your website content written to earn great links.

Winning these links is about more than just “writing good content”. It's about being purpose built to promote to a specific audience.


Link Building

If you want 10,000 forum links for $10, go elsewhere.

I'm about the links that matter from the websites that count. Credible links that real people see and click on.

These are the links that move your website.

Get the clicks

Click-through Rate Optimisation

It's one thing to appear on the search results page. But what really counts is getting customers to your website.

The right title tag, meta description, and schema markup can do so much to make your listing stand out.

Lifting your click-through rate has a double benefit. First, you just get more traffic. That's what it's all about, right?

It's also a strong signal to Google that your website is what searchers want.

That means they'll want to show it more and more.

So let's get those clicks.

Get out of Google jail

Penalty Recovery

When Google decide they don't like what you're up to, you go straight to prison. You do not pass go and you do not collect $200.

How does this happen?

Well, you might have tried something adventurous that backfired. Or you might have hired an SEO outfit that wasn't exactly forthright about their tactics. Perhaps an unscrupulous competitor did it to you.

However you got there, you're out of the game until this is fixed.

The good news? This is all reversible.

The home game

On-site Optimisation

Producing great content and promoting it effectively is at the heart of any long term SEO success. But you need your website set up properly to get the most out of that.

You want to be crawled and indexed properly - so that all your good stuff to makes it into the Google index, without any duplicate content or crap.

You want it to load lightning fast. And you want it to display well on all screen sizes.

You want an internal linking strategy that directs all the authority to the places it's most useful - in a way that feels natural and useful to your human visitors.

And you want your best and most linkable content to be nice and visible to all your readers so that it can get those links and shares.

Let's get that happening.

95 AUD

per hour

No Cheesy Gimmicks
or Lock-in Contracts

  • SEO Copywriting

  • SEO Content

  • White Hat Link Building

  • On-site Optimisation

  • Penalty Recovery

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I don't lock you in with a 24 month contract, or have a list of package deals named after various precious metals.

I bill by the hour. So you just pay for the work you need.

Where it makes sense to do so, I can also help you effectively outsource or insource some of these tasks. Then you only need to pay me for the time it takes me to help you.

But I can't take on every client who comes my way. I'm just one guy.

I'm most keen to hear from people who want to do the fundamental work to set things up for long term success, rather than just looking for short term tricks and hacks.

If that's you, please send me a message using the contact form below.

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