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These days

I Don’t Handle Much SEO Work Anymore

When I first began tinkering with websites in the mid 2000s, it was to rank them on the search engines.

Then when I hung out my shingle as a freelancer, it was to help local businesses do the same.

But that's long ago. My work has become more and more about finding the right words.

That’s made it difficult to justify software subscriptions, much less the time to stay current with SEO.

So I no longer manage SEO campaigns or review websites.

It’s not work to dabble in occasionally.


I’m Still Available to Write and Promote SEO Content

This isn’t a million miles away from the content marketing work I do anyway – it’s just more geared to what can earn great links.

Hiring me for this makes sense for more sophisticated clients who already understand how this work can benefit a website’s search visibility.

That might be because you’re a search professional, have one already engaged, or otherwise yourself.


Link Building

If you want 10,000 forum links for $10, go elsewhere.

I'm about the links that matter from the websites that count - that real people see and click.

The Write Stuff

SEO Copywriting and Linkable Assets

Writing to rank is more than just “writing good content”.

It's about content that algorithms know to be relevant, that wins at engaging humans, that’s built to promote, and that high quality websites want to link to.

95 AUD

per hour

No Cheesy Gimmicks
or Lock-in Contracts

  • SEO Copywriting

  • SEO Content

  • White Hat Link Building

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Ready to Rank?

I don't lock you in with a 24 month contract, or have a list of package deals named after various precious metals.

I bill by the hour. So you just pay for the work you need.

But I can't take on every client who comes my way. I'm just one guy.

If you think you've got a project that's a good fit with my skills, please send me a message using the contact form below.

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