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Your Website is Crucial to Growing Your Business

There are still a few basic things people buy without checking their computer or phone: milk, petrol, toilet paper, that sort of thing. Just about everything else involves looking at a screen.

What will your audience find when they do?

Will you be seen? If you're seen, will you be noticed?

Bad websites cost you business.

They also cost stress and headaches - you work so much harder for those sales that you do get. There's the frustration of feeling like you're always hitting your head on the wall. There's that fatigue of being left to duel your competitors with both of your hands tied behind your back.

Was your last copywriter worth a damn?

Why do this to yourself?

And Let's Face It

There's No Avoiding it Anymore

For many businesses, a website is the first - and perhaps only - chance to make a good impression.

But maybe you're different.

Maybe you drive interest with something else - TV ads, face-to-face networking, celebrity endorsements, smoke signals, electroshock therapy - if it works, great!

But get this: they're still checking your website as they umm and ahh over whether to splash the cash.

It'd break the habit of a lifetime to do anything else. We've become so compulsive with our phones. We fiddle with them every idle moment.

So your website is central to your sales process. You don't get to choose that.

You can choose the role it plays.

Will it be the ball and chain on everything else you do?

Or will it always be in your corner, turning maybe after maybe into yes?

It's your call.

Everything depends on

Clear Vision and Strategy

Ever see Space Jam? Me neither. But check this: the website as it was in 1996.

This was built with a five word strategy: “Hey, let's have a website!”. Back then, that was kind of enough.

These days, it helps to have some idea who you're talking to, how to reach them and what to say.

Slick design and a sharp turn of phrase are wonderful things to have too.

But it doesn't matter how well you take the corners if you're going the wrong way 'round the track.

Don't get left behind

Winners and Losers

There are a few different paths that business owners choose when it comes to how they handle their web presence.

For starters there are

Those Who Would Rather Not Deal With it

These are the guys who avoid engaging with any of this because it all feels too difficult.

For these people, the web is never an opportunity. It's just a hassle.

So they won't do anything unless they absolutely must - because the website's been hacked, or they were tired of hearing from their father-in-law that it was impossible to use on an iPhone.

Otherwise, it's an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude for their website.

Even though, to the rest of the world, the website is the most visible part of the business.

These guys finish last because they were never really in the race in the first place.

The next group are

Those in a Mad Hurry to Do Everything and Anything

Then there are the guys who always have a new idea to excite them.

They jump from idea to idea like gold medal contenders for a pogo stick event.

One moment it's all about influencer outreach, the next it's brand storytelling, then it's “Oh, I haven't updated that blog in a while”.

And it's not like all of these efforts are failures.. well, not exactly.

I mean, how can anything succeed or fail if there were no clear goals to begin with?

But the combined body of work shows all the clarity and focus of a hyperactive child who was meant to take Ritalin but ended up on LSD.

Still, these guys do get something back from their efforts. But they're on a treadmill. They run harder and harder just to stay in the same place.

In the end

Only a Select Few Aim Before They Shoot

These guys understand that you can't give everything 100%, because once you've divided your effort in a dozen different directions, it's not 100% anymore.

What matters is doing the things that really move the needle and making them really count.

These are the guys who are way less interested in the latest buzzword than they are in building the fundamental stuff that will still be paying off in five years.

It's not they're hostile to new ideas - quite the opposite, really - they just have to fit with the plan. They want clear goals and a clear measure of success.

Because nothing dilutes success like distractions.

Ready to join the winning team?

What's stopping you?

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