An SEO Review of Your Website

For an expert eye on your search strategy

Frustrated by your website's search engine performance?

Don't know why you're not ranking?

Wish you knew how to turn it all around?

I can help.

I've spent the past ten years up to my armpits in web marketing roles.

In this time, I've learnt a thing or two about a thing or two about search traffic.

So why not get me to thoroughly investigate your website, the search traffic available to you, and the other websites in your market?

I can spot your problems and show you how to improve.

Here's what I'll be looking at:

The Nitty Gritty

Technical SEO Factors

I take a look through your website and dig into the source code to check you're using your tags properly.

I measure your page load speed and turn my eye to your URL structure, how Google handles your URL parameters, how your website is being crawled, and so on.

It's worth going over this stuff.

Things like the same page being indexed at a dozen different URLs will definitely hold you back.

These issues are often easy to fix, once they're identified. This is the part where a 5 minute fix can make all the difference.

User Experience

Are Your Visitors Engaged?

Search engines care more and more about how long people spend on your website.

Makes sense really. If they click the back button the second they arrive.. that's a strong clue they're not happy with what they've found.

Here, I pore through your Google Analytics data to see how well you're doing, and review your content to see what might be driving them away.

This stuff matters for your SEO, but it's bigger than that: it cuts right to the heart of whether or not you communicate effectively.

Nefarious Deeds

Have You Been Shafted by Negative SEO?

Having a lot of bad, spammy links to your website can hurt its standing in the search engines.

You might be penalised for breaching Google guidelines without even knowing.

It's worth going over this stuff.

Things like the same page being indexed at a dozen different URLs will definitely hold you back.

These issues are often easy to fix, once they're identified. This is the part where a 5 minute fix can make all the difference.

Setting the Right Goals

Keyword and Competition Research

Winning at search engine traffic means picking your battles.

Some keywords take a lot of work to crack. Others just don't have enough traffic to be worthwhile to begin with.

A few have a reasonable chance of bringing in sales in a reasonable timeframe.

What keywords should you be chasing? Is there any “low hanging fruit” that could earn cash ASAP?

No need to guess this stuff. Let's listen to the data.

Are You Getting Any?


Google's real-time Penguin algorithm has made those cheap monthly linkbuilding plans worse than useless.

But that doesn't mean you can forget about backlinks.

You need the right backlinks: links from relevant websites built for a real audience. You can't crack competitive keywords without them

I'll take a look at your link profile, see how well you're doing, and spot new opportunities.

Are You Worth Linking To?

Content Quality

To rank well, you need killer content.

That's because Google is getting better and better at seperating the cream from the crap.

It's also because the backlinks that Google loves best come from websites that are fussy about what they'll link to.

Where do you stand with this?

Do you have a content plan? Does it need a bit of a polish?

Let's take a look.

The Report

I'll write this up into a comprehensive overview.

This will include actionable recommendations, covering:

  • Fixes and corrections to your problems
  • New techniques and tactics to apply
  • Content and content promotion strategies

Personal Service Guarantee

I write this whole thing myself. Why do I feel the need to say this? Some service providers play a bit of “bait and switch” with their SEO expertise.

They tout their successes and the high profile campaigns they've worked on.

But then once they've got your business, they might get some kind of wet-behind-the-ears junior assistant type handle everything.

Either that, or they outsource to a low wage worker overseas.

There are no such antics here. You're paying for my time - and my knowledge and experience. Every single word is written by me.

1250 AUD

per website

An expert eye on your website and the opportunities available to you

  • Target the right keywords

  • Fix technical problems on your website

  • Steal your competitors' best moves

  • Be found by your customers

  • Make more sales

Enquire Now

This business is not registered for GST

Is This Really Worth $1250?

For some of you, absolutely. For others, not at all.

A lot of you run spare time or hobby businesses. Some of you haven't really got what you're doing off the ground yet.

Maybe you're just in a really marginal business that never really had that much hope of making much money in the first place. If, for example, you're a freelance dog walker, then you might have to spend a lot of quality time with the neighbour's greyhounds just to make back my fee.

If that's you, it probably doesn't make any sense at all to throw a grand and change at consulting services. Not yet, anyway. I'm okay with this. It's never been a burning ambition of mine to be the most affordable web marketing dude in town.

If you are after the cheapest job at any price then head over to Fiverr. Someone there will look at your site for five Yankee bucks.. No more than five dollars worth of work will go into it, but hey.. it's a report!

The reason I charge $1250 for these things is that I spend a fair bit of time on them. Typically, one of these reports takes more than a week. This work is at a deep discount to what it would normally cost you to have this much of my time.

The people I'm most interested in hearing from know that their time has worth too; too much to be wading through bottom dollar reports. These people who don't want “lowest common denominator” work. These people run real businesses selling great stuff that customers love, and know that getting more of them to their website is easily worth $1250.

If that's you, let's talk.

Bonus: 1 Hour Telephone Consultation

After you've had a chance to read through the report and have a bit of a think about it, give me a call and we can talk through your situation.

I would normally charge $95 for this time, but I throw it in free with your SEO review.

Let's Talk

The next step is a chat. Ask questions and tell me a bit about yourself.

This is for you to decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the website review, and for me to work out whether or not I think you're a good fit for me as a client.

Leave your details in the form below and click "submit"

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